Art and Science of Lasers—Winter Skin Sense News
Skin Cancer Screening with Digital Dermoscopy

Since the month he opened his practice, Dr. Rosenbach has been using a computerized microscope system that enhances the early detection of certain skin cancers. The latest version, called DermDoc, allows for storage of images for slightly suspicious brown spots. This way, the moles can be followed accurately over time, which allows for detection of the slightest changes. Not only does DermDoc help diagnose melanoma type skin cancers at an early stage – it also allows for fewer unnecessary biopsies. We take our skin cancer screenings very seriously and encourage everyone to have an annual skin cancer check.

New Breakthrough Melasma Treatment

Melasma is a condition that is more common in women than men. The cause is unclear, but melasma results in brown dyspigmentation that can be located on the upper cheeks, forehead and upper lip. Although melasma can sometimes be treated with topicals, it is often quite stubborn. Traditionally, lasers have been occasionally successful, but were largely unpredictable. That is, until recently, when investigators realized that the best technology was right under our noses. It turns out that tattoo removal lasers, when set to low energies, are highly effective in improving melasma. So don’t despair if you have melasma because this treatment is truly a breakthrough.

Treating Sun Damage

Solar Elastosis is the medical term for sun damage. Obviously, the best treatment starts with avoiding the sun. Dr. Rosenbach recommends hitting the beach no earlier than 4 PM to avoid the harshest ultraviolet radiation. In spring and summer, that gives you 3-4 hours of beach time! Although avoiding midday sun is probably the most important thing you can do to improve the appearance of your skin, we can pitch in too. There are lasers that remove the blood vessels, brown spots and fine wrinkles that result from years of sun exposure. Prescription and natural topicals are also mainstays of treatment. Since everyone is unique, Dr. Rosenbach will customize a treatment program for each individual!

Successful Hair Removal with the Alexandrite Laser

Over the past three years, we’ve stepped up our game with laser hair removal. We attribute our success to the use of the Light Age Alexandrite Laser. This laser has surpassed any that we've seen for laser hair removal. It turns out that if a laser is too weak, the hairs don't disappear but instead become skinnier and more difficult to remove. The Light Age laser is so powerful that it requires a special electric socket to get 220 Volts. With this extra power, we've seen much better and more long lasting results than ever before. Our goal is to maximize your outcome with an emphasis on safety, so Dr. Rosenbach personally selects laser settings that are best for your hair and skin types.

To schedule a digital dermoscopy skin cancer screening, laser melanoma treatment, sun damage treatment program or laser hair removal, please contact Sonya Reynoso, Dr. Rosenbach's Treatment Coordinator at 310-556-5454. As always, we look forward to providing you with great skin care and laser treatment services.