Art and Science of Lasers—Winter Skin Sense News

The Art and Science of Lasers in Skin Care

We hear a lot about the benefits of lasers in dermatology—but what are they and how can I use lasers in my skin care regimen? In this issue of Skin Sense News, we will make sense out of the mystery of lasers, showcase our portfolio of state-of-the-art lasers, and educate our patients about the benefits of using laser technology.

Lasers were first used to treat skin in the early 1960's. Major advances in laser technology now allow treatment of skin vessels, sun spots, melasma, tattoos, wrinkles and unwanted hair. Sun damaged skin on the face and décolletage can be improved as well. The newest lasers allow for easier skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.

There is an art, as well as a science, in determining what laser, or lasers, to use for a procedure. Dr. Rosenbach is one of a select few dermatologists in the U.S. to complete a laser fellowship in laser surgery and is a renowned global expert, training many doctors from across the world. Below you will find a laser by laser guide to the treatments that will suit your trouble spots as well as your schedule and budgets.

Cynosure Cynergy
Cynergy Sample Photo

What It’s For:

  • Treating vascular issues—spider veins, rosacea, portwine stains and scars
  • Acne treatments using Levulan

What It Does:
This is one of the few dermatologic lasers ever invented that actually allows two lasers to treat patients at once.  Both lasers deliver their light in under a second. Recent research reveals excellent results that are very safe.

Epicare Light Age
Epicare Sample Photo

What It’s For:

  • Treating brown spots quickly
  • Laser hair removal

What It Does:
Everyone knows that laser light is the best way to remove unwanted hair, but not all lasers are the same. Our Epicare Light Age laser is the most powerful alexandrite laser available. Not only is it powerful, but it also allows for varying the amount of time that the laser light contacts the skin.  The ability to change this time variable is what enables us to customize each treatment for differences in skin color or the thickness of individual hairs. With this improved technology, we're seeing better results for hair removal than ever before. 

Dr. Rosenbach pioneered the use of the long pulsed alexandrite laser for treating sunspots with his landmark article in the Archives Dermatology medical journal. This type of laser technology allows for much quicker and easier sun spot treatments.

Cynosure Accolade
Accolade Sample Photo

What It’s For:

  • Eliminating stubborn green-colored tattoos
  • Removing certain kinds of brown spots

What It Does:
This q-switched laser is a welcome addition to our tattoo removal practice. The Accolade allows for treatment of green tattoo colors, which are quite difficult to remove with most tattoo removal lasers.

In addition, we use this laser for treatment of sunspots in men since it is safe to use on the bearded areas of the face.

Just this month, a medical journal article about this laser showed a new technique that results in much faster tattoo removal.

Revlite Laser
Revlite Sample Photo

What It’s For:

  • Rejuvenation to improve lackluster appearance of the skin
  • Tattoo removal for dark or red colors
  • Melasma treatment

What It Does:
The Revlite laser is the best laser we've used for rejuvenation of the skin.  It's fast, easy, and comfortable and offers the advantage of little to no downtime. We recommend three to four treatments for optimal results.

We've also been using this laser to treat melasma, a stubborn problem until recent research revealed that lower energies of light can be very effective.

For tattoos, this is our go to laser for most colors other than green. The Revlite is strong and has a flat beam profile which makes for more even and gentler treatments.

Matrix Sandstone
Matrix Sample Photo

What It’s For:

  • Skin resurfacing including deep and surface wrinkles, acne and chicken pox
  • Tightening lax skin for those over 50

What It Does:
This new generation of smarter, fractional CO2 lasers targets the hallmarks of aging – creases, brown spots, broken capillaries, sagginess – all while offering improved patient comfort level and convenience.

To schedule a laser consultation or appointment, please call Sonia Reynoso, Dr. Rosenbach’s Laser Coordinator at 310.556.5454 or We look forward to providing you great skin care and laser services.