Alan Rosenbach, M.D.


Cleanse & Tone:

Green Tea Cleanser
This revitalizing cleanser from ARMD deep cleans and replenishes the skin. Rich in antioxidants and natural botanicals, Green Tea Cleanser nourishes and restores, resulting in healthier, more radiant looking skin.

Ultra Gentle Cleanser
ARMD's cleanser is a rich, soap-free liquid that gently cleanses and softens the skin without drying. It contains a rich blend of antioxidants to assist in minimizing free-radical induced skin damage while aiding in the restoration of healthy looking skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide Wash
ARMD's therapeutic cleanser combined with benzoyl peroxide is created and designed for the treatment of acne. It is especially useful for acne on the back and chest.

Facial Toner
ARMD's facial toner is specially formulated with a blend of glycolic acid, witch hazel and selected extracts to gently cleanse, tone and refresh the skin. It aids in the removal of oil and debris during the cleansing process.

Make-up Remover Pads
Specially formulated by ARMD with antioxidants and citrus extracts for gentle cleansing of the skin. These pads remove debris while leaving behind a rich blend of skin enhancing antioxidants and citrus extracts.