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Summer Announcement

Announcing the Arrival of the Newest V-Beam Laser:

We just took delivery of the latest and newest version of the V-Beam laser. This laser emits yellow light, which is great for treating anything red. Why red? Because red things in the skin happen to absorb yellow light quite well. Blood vessels on the face, reddish scars anywhere on the body (we have other lasers and treatments for white scars), certain types of stretch marks, stubborn red acne spots, and rosacea (reddish face) are all responsive to the V-Beam.

For anyone who underwent treatment with our previous laser aimed at these types of conditions, you’ll notice that the freezing cold air blower is no longer necessary. Instead, this new laser precools the skin for less than a second– at the exact spot that’s going to be treated. So no cold air up the nose with the new V-Beam!

Patients who’ve never had this type of laser treatment in the past would probably be interested to learn that this laser is designed to avoid scabbing or crusting after treatment. The laser pretty much ignores the skin surface, penetrating less than a millimeter (0.039 inches) to do its job. In case you’re wondering about safety, this type of laser is so safe that it’s used on babies’ faces for certain abnormalities related to blood vessels.

Immediately after treatment with the new V-Beam, the skin looks a little pink for a day or two but there’s usually no bruising. You probably want to avoid treatment if you have a sunburn but it’s one of the few lasers that work well even in the summer. Yes, it’s safe even for those with a suntan. Yes, patients with dark skin can be treated.

If you have one of the skin issues mentioned above, feel free to call our staff for any questions regarding laser treatment.


Now, it’s official: SPF 100 performs significantly better than SPF 50 in the real world. This was proven in an article published recently in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Do you need SPF 100? Dr. Rosenbach feels that there are two different uses for sunscreen. Daily sunscreen for the face is different than sunscreen designed for sports or the beach. For intense sun exposure activities, you’re best off using the SPF 100. For day to day use for driving around and walking briefly outdoors, it’s OK to use a more cosmetically elegant sunscreen with at least an SPF 15 rating. We are happy to provide guidance for both types of sunscreens.

PS– A hat with a wide brim is always recommended, as are sun protective shirts.

Hair Removal:

Our Zenith laser is the newest release of its type. It’s an academic strength Alexandrite laser that was recently souped-up to offer long-term hair reduction. While this isn’t performed on folks with a suntan, it’s only two months until Fall, when this laser shines. We are taking appointments for late September. Obviously, your tan doesn’t matter if you’re treating a hair bearing area with limited sun exposure.

We’ve had numerous patients say that their previous laser hair removal treatments elsewhere were ineffective– so they have been very appreciative of the dramatic reduction in hair following treatment with the Zenith laser.


While there are a number of new fillers, the biggest advance we’ve seen is in our new numbing cream. Applied an hour before treatment, it has been a game-changer in terms of comfort.

COVID round up:

Our ability to schedule appropriately has become more challenging after the lengthy “hibernation” taken by most of us. It is catch-up time for many of our patients. It seems a lot of folks have five or ten medical issues. In order to run as timely as possible, we ask that you kindly focus on at most three medical or cosmetic problems during your visit to our office. It would be great if you can let the staff know about your issues prior to seeing Dr. Rosenbach– so that we can increase our efficiency by setting up the exam rooms properly for Dr. Rosenbach before he begins your examination or treatment.

Note to our patients who are still nervous about seeing us because of the Delta variant: Please don’t put off allowing Dr. Rosenbach to check a funny-looking mole. Take solace in the fact that the LA Department of Public Health just reported that 99% of the patients recently hospitalized for COVID have not been vaccinated. While the vaccines don’t necessarily stop infection as well with the Delta variant, it appears that very few vaccinated individuals are being hospitalized. So please don’t put off checking that growing mole!

Masks: Federal and California guidelines both require the wearing of masks at medical facilities. We ask that you stay masked until Dr. Rosenbach asks you to remove it.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back.

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